Eastland Middle School

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Bobbie J. Jarvis » Welcome to Room 104B

Welcome to Room 104B

My name is Bobbie Jarvis

I am the Attendance Clerk for Eastland Middle School. I also manage the district’s substitutes teacher, as well as serve as the middle school / high school health aid. I also making copies for the middle / high school teachers.

If your child is absent, he or she needs to bring a note from their guardian or doctor upon returning to school. Notes must be received within three school days of your child’s absence. If your child is to receive an excused absent. Otherwise it will be marked as an unexcused absent in your child's attendance records.

If you have any questions or need help in any way, please call me at 254-631-5042 or come by my office.

My office is located in room 104B in the Middle School.

Thank you and God bless,

Bobbie Jarvis