Eastland Middle School

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Principal's Message

My name is Jason Henry and this is my 6th year serving as Principal at Eastland Middle School. I have a total of 18 years in education. For 9 of those 18 years I served as a teacher working with students from grade 6 through 12. I have been in administration for 9 years. The majority of my teaching career I taught U.S. Government and Economics. As a principal, I have served grades 4-12.

May goal is for myself, and our staff to be in a partnership with parents and the community in serving our students. I want input from the staff, parents, and community. This is our school, not my school. I will be eliciting input from stakeholders throughout the year. However, if you have any input on how we can serve our students better, please stop by office, give me a call, or email me.

Jason Henry