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Welcome to 8th Grade ELA

Welcome to 8th grade! My name is Jennifer Burrus, and I am the 8th grade ELA Teacher. This will be my eighth year at the middle school. I am married to Andy Burrus, we have four children, and are proud to say they are all graduates of Eastland High School.

The goal of my class is to help my students grow and improve as writers, readers, and thinkers.  We will work on formal and creative writing tasks.  Word study, vocabulary, and grammar will be an integral part of our class.  We will read regularly and focus on reading strategies, analysis, and appreciation of a variety of reading materials.  Throughout the school year we will read many types of genres including novels, non-fiction, short stories, and poetry.

I am always happy to visit with parents. My conference time this year is 2:42-3:30.. You can call the school to set up a conference time with me, or you can email me at jburrus@eastland.esc14.net.

I am excited about this upcoming year, and I look forward to getting to know all my students and parents!

Jennifer Burrus

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I feel like we just started this year, and now I am making my final post of the year. We started and ended the year with a novel. We have been reading 'The Outsiders,' which is an amazing book! It has so many life-lessons aimed at teenagers. The kids really enjoyed the book. They are now working on a Character Poster very similar to the Characterization Project they did in the fall, but on a smaller scale. 
I have really enjoyed this group of kids, and I can honestly say that I will miss them. Good luck to all in high school, and keep in touch!
Mrs. Burrus

4th Six Weeks/Test Corrections

We are well into our 4th Six Weeks of the Year, and as I stated earlier, the time is just flying by!!!
While we have been working on Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences all school year, we specifically focused solely on them for the past two weeks and took a test last week. Test Corrections are available for any student who did not pass this test. Everyone has been notified and given a 'Chance To Correct' form as a reminder. These corrections must be made by next Monday, January 30th before or after school with me.  After this day, the grade will remain as is in the grade book.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Finals Week

Hard to believe our first semester of school is almost over. However.... we need to get our Finals taken care of first. These are very important because they show what has been learned throughout these first weeks of school. 
My final will consist of 3 Fiction passages as well as a Short Answer Response. The skills tested will be from the Academic Vocab Study Guide of which will be tested today (Friday).
I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday with family and friends, and I look forward to seeing everyone back next year.

Important Information for the Week

This week we have a lot going on! We are finishing our novel, so the kids will be working on their After Reading Activities which include:  Main Idea Packet (they have actually been working on this throughout the novel), Story Map, and Book Cover Analysis.These are all due by Friday.
Also this week the kids will have a 2016 Fall Academic Vocabulary Test on Friday. These are 20 concepts that we have been working on since the beginning of school. They will fill out a study guide during class which they can use to study.
I do give a final for my class which will focus solely on Fiction. The concepts on their Vocabulary Test are all skills which will be covered on their final.

Reminders for the Week

We are working hard to finish our novel, "Things Not Seen." We have identified the Climax and are making our way to the Resolution.
"Thank you M'am" Stories are due by Wednesday, Test Corrections need to be made by Thursday, and we are going to the Library on Wednesday.
Due to this being a short six weeks, we will not have a large amount of grades, so every grade counts!

Don't Forget!!!

Tomorrow, Wednesday Nov. 16th, we have a test over Ch. 1-14 in our novel. If you want extra credit points, be sure and have your parent or guardian sign your study guide and bring it with you.

Second Six Weeks

Our focus for the second six weeks was Cause/Effect and Characterization. The kids did really well with these skills. We did a BIG Life-Sized Character Analysis project over characters in our novel, which are hanging in our classroom. I will post pictures on our 8th grade Facebook page later this week.

End of 1st Six Weeks

This Six Weeks has just flown by! It has been an amazing six weeks getting to know this group of 8th graders. They are all just great. I am so proud of how hard they have worked in my class. Enjoy the long weekend off, and I will see you on Tuesday. 

Chance to Retest

Students who failed their test this week were given a Chance to Retest Form that tells them they have a chance to retake this test. This must be done no later than Friday, Sept. 23rd before or after school. I will put the highest grade in the grade book.

Addition to My Grading Policy

I have added an "Oops" Late Assignment Pass to my Grading Policy. This allows each student ONE time per six weeks the chance to turn in work ONE day late without having to attend T-School. Anything after one day, however, will require T-School. 

Happy Friday!

This has been an Amazing First Week of School! I have enjoyed getting to know all my 8th graders.
If you haven't had a chance to visit our 8th grade Facebook page, please do so. This is one way that we will keep everyone updated on what's happening in 8th grade.
Also, Eastland Middle School shared our Remind 101 information on their Facebook page, so please check that out as well.
Have a Great weekend! 

First Day of School

Hard to believe that today is the start of another school year! I am super excited to meet all of my students. Today they will be getting a new copy of our class syllabus to keep in their class folder. I have attached an updated copy to my teacher page as well. I hope everyone has a great day.