Welcome to Eighth Grade!

Eighth Grade is a BLAST!  I love having each and every one of my students in class every day.  I hope that my classroom will be a safe and comfortable place for each one of you.
My expectations this year is for each student to be "ABOVE THE LINE" in all that they do, including behavior, attitude, effort, manners and enthusiasm.
We will start out the year with a semester of Health.  In this class we will learn how to lead a healthier life, manage stress, prevent infectious diseases as well as many other things about our bodies and relationships.
We will also participate in a two week curriculum called PAPA (Parenting and Paternity Awareness) which is required by the state.  Parents will be asked to sign a permission slip for their child to participate in this activity.  Don't worry!  It is NOT "sex ed", but is a course to inform students of the responsibilities, consequences, and rights of teen parenthood.
I hope that parents will feel free to email me about any concerns or questions. My email address is jfelts@eastland.esc14.net.
Let's have a GREAT year!!!!