Eastland Middle School

 "WE ARE....MAVERICKS"                                                                                                             "WE ARE....MAVERICKS"                                                                                                                                                    "WE ARE....MAVERICKS"                                                                                                            "WE ARE....MAVERICKS"                                                                                                            "WE ARE....MAVERICKS"                                                                                                             "WE ARE....MAVERICKS"              

Mr. Williamson 8th Grade Math

This is my seventh year teaching and my third year teaching 8th grade math with Eastland Middle School. 

I was born, raised, and graduated as an Eastland Maverick and am very excited to be back in my home town.

My wife, Courtney, is the 8th Grade History teacher. We have one child, River, who will turn 3 years old in February 2018.

I am very excited for the coming year in the math classroom.


1st - 7th Period = 8th Grade Math
8th Period = Conference
Class Schedule:
Monday- Review Prior Weeks Test and Introduce new Topic
Tuesday - Explain and Explore new topics with Guided Practice and "Funtivities"
Wednesday - Guided and Independent Practice
Thursday - Reteach, Review, and Independent Practice
Friday - Weekly Quiz
First Six Weeks Schedule:
Week 1: Class introductions and Expectations, Ti-84 Calculator and Benchmark
Week 2: Review of Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 
Week 3: Real Numbers
Week 4: Scientific Notation
Week 5: Scatter Plots
Scatter Plot Project: See File Attached Below
Week 6: Six weeks Review and Six Weeks Test 
Second Six Weeks Schedule:
Week 1: Two Variable Equations
Week 2: Two Variable Equations
Week 3: Slope
Week 4: y=mx+b
Week 5: Graphing Equations
Week 6: 2nd Six weeks Review and Six Weeks Test
Third Six Weeks Schedule:
Week 1: Review 
Week 2: Transformations Introduction
Week 3: Translations
Week 4: Rotations and Reflections
Week 5: Six Weeks Review, Six Weeks Test, and Begin Semester Review
Fourth Six Weeks Schedule:
Week 1: Transformations 
Week 2: Interior Angle Theorem
Week 3: Pythagorean Theorem
Week 4: Parallel Lines with a Traversal
Week 5: Volume
Fifth Six Weeks Schedule:
Week 1: Surface Area
Week 2: 

Contact: cwilliamson@eastland.esc14.net